Japanese Wonder Crochet : A Creative Approach to Classic Stitches

Japanese Wonder Crochet : A Creative Approach to Classic Stitches


Like Japanese knitting before it, Japanese-style crochet is getting ready to sweep the globe! Japanese Wonder Crochet is the first major Japanese crochet book to be translated into English. It introduces crafters outside Japan to the wonderful crochet techniques and charts that are so popular within the country. The book shows a creative approach to classic crochet stitches such as Aran, herringbone, Bavarian, waffle, crocodile, reversible crochet, and many more. In Japan, crochet work is often added to knitted garments; while you may choose to incorporate these techniques into your own knitting projects, Japanese crochet is a great pleasure in and of itself. In this book, a swatch pattern is provided for each stitch which helps crocheters practice the mechanics of the stitch before applying them to larger projects. The personal and home accessory projects included provide something for every level of time commitment from potholders and cup cosies to tote bags and blankets. More than 25 exciting projects are included: A patchwork throw; A reversible cowl; Bags in Bavarian, crocodile, Aran stitches and more; Totes in herringbone and rib stitches; A vintage bag and floral brooch in bullion stitch; A tea cosy, mittens, a shawl; And so much more!. An extensive introduction by Japanese knitting and crochet expert Gayle Roehm explains the stitch charts as well as the differences and similarities between Japanese and Western styles of crochet. A guide to stitch symbols and extensive lessons provide visual guidance. With Japanese Wonder Crochet and a little practice, crocheters and Japanese-style knitters can open up many new horizons using the wonderful patterns that so many Westerners have already fallen in love with.

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