God's Gifts : Gratitude for His Creations

God's Gifts : Gratitude for His Creations


Discover how God created this beautiful and wonderful world we live in

Annabelle's grandmother shares the beautiful story of how God created the world that we live in. In God's Gifts, children will learn how God's greatest gift to us was the beauty and wonder that we get to experience every day. Kids will love learning alongside Annabelle as she discovers the wonder of creation and the joy of praising God for all the amazing things he's given us.
Practice daily gratitude for God's abundance and generosity

Give thanks to God. He filled the world with creatures, both big and small. God created such beauty, almost hard to believe. Then, in his own image, created Adam and Eve. This beautifully illustrated book will be easy for kids to follow as they learn how God made the world in seven days. Children will learn that they are a part of God's dream and fall in love with His gifts.
Take care of the earth to protect God's special gift to us

Remember to thank Him for the air that we breathe. Remember to always express gratitude, and treat His gifts with a loving attitude for God made you to be you. You are a beautiful part of this lovely Earth, so treat it well for all that it's worth. In God's Gifts, Anabelle helps kids learn that it's important to take care of the earth and maintain it as God intended it to be.
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