Success in Any Season

Success in Any Season


What does it mean to you to find success? Is it a professional achievement? A personal one? Is it in achieving your own goals, or is it in earning the praise and accolades of others? Perhaps a mixture of any of these. We all have definitions of personal and professional success - but what does it take to really get there? In Success in Any Season, you'll hear from authors who have not only fought incredible odds, but come through on the other side at peace and are truly successful. If success is the journey, this book lights the path. Broken down into three sections you will learn: Being: No matter where you are in life, it is important to continuously work on defining and claiming your sense of self. The roles of positive thinking, seeking self-support, taking time to pause, and surrounding yourself with helpers are explored. In addition, this section encourages you to spend some time identifying and banishing self-limiting beliefs, tapping into your spirituality, and becoming unstoppable. Nature: Nature can play a very key role in our journey to success. It is where we find challenges in the elements and where we find peace when we lean in. Nature can be our teacher. There is richness in slowing down and tapping into what the earth can teach. Learn how by incorporating some of the teachings in this section. Nurture: As we move towards success, how we nurture ourselves is critical. From a positive outlook, to regularly scheduled sessions of self-care, we must fill our own bucket, no matter what we pour out. Sometimes this takes on intense form, such as when navigating the catastrophic illness of a loved one, or facing the addiction in someone dear to you. In this section you will learn to frame the challenges, and focus on what's going right, even in the chaos. Growth: The end goal in all that this book explores centers on powerful transformation. From struggling through the hard parts of life to knowing you are enough, that you are in fact LOVE. This section teaches more on the power of embracing change, remembering who you are, even as you grow. If you are ready for success, no matter what season of life you find yourself in, pick up this book today, and join our authors on a journey of a lifetime.

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