Doors Open When You Knock : A Realtor's Handbook for Boundless Opportunity and Freedom

Doors Open When You Knock : A Realtor's Handbook for Boundless Opportunity and Freedom


This is not one more book with tips and tricks to double your business overnight.

In case you haven't noticed, tips and tricks usually don't sustain you over the long run. You also don't need one more book giving you the 'secret' to success. News flash: there is no secret. Have a winning mindset and strong work ethic, you'll do just fine. There, you have the answer, but it probably didn't make you feel any better. Why? Because you are still left with the following problems:

No time off - always on-callBeing stressed about where the next commission check is coming fromWorking really hard but not getting to where you think you should beBeing overwhelmed - there is too much to doWorrying about things outside of your control

Real estate can take people by the horns and toss them around. Doors Open When You Knock is about wrestling control back so that you can leave chaos and uncertainty behind, creating a business and a life that brings joy and fulfillment.

This book explores what is possible for you-if you are willing to look. It is about being clear. Taking intentional action over time. Developing patience and gratitude. Being responsible. Because if you want boundless opportunity and freedom, it doesn't happen by accident, it happens on purpose: Doors Open When You Knock.

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