Remarkable : Proven Insights to Accelerate Your Career

Remarkable : Proven Insights to Accelerate Your Career



Discover the Remarkable way to supercharge and accelerate your career.

Become the most valuable team player in your company, climb the ladder as a top performer, and gain the utmost recognition and respect from your peers and superiors.

A comprehensive guide to what really counts and isn't taught in business school, Remarkable is the first and last professional playbook you'll ever need. Step-by-step advice takes you from the early stages of a business career to the top-level executive position. Follow the journey, lessons, and remarkable insights of an executive who has seen it all, and now offers pragmatic and infallible wisdom that you can use immediately.

David Kronfeld has mentored professionals and executives who now lead successful careers. He's been a management consultant with Booz Allen, a corporate executive, and the founder and chairman of JK&B Capital, a leading venture capital firm. His extensive top management experience and sitting on boards of directors means he's been actively involved with the highest priority challenges facing dozens of companies. He's championed strategies that flourished, helmed businesses that thrived, and knows what makes leaders prosper or fail. Be it hiring or firing, he's decided the fates of employees and managers at all levels, including CEOs.

Within Remarkable, David Kronfeld offers his incomparable life lessons, experience, and proven insight for your entire career, from entry level skills-writing a great resume, performing well on interviews, how to get promoted-to the management-level expertise that covers becoming a better negotiator, employer, and company leader. With his extensive guidance, you'll learn how to accelerate your career and powerfully impact your effectiveness and career trajectory.

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