Infinity Investing : How the Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do the Same

Infinity Investing : How the Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do the Same



This book is not offering a get rich quick plan. It takes time to implement long-lasting strategies that lead to financial independence. Toby Mathis has created a road map for you to follow to create wealth over time. He shares his get rich slow approach based on the investing and money management practices that have helped hundreds of participants in Anderson Advisors' popular Infinity Investing program reach financial freedom.

One central principle in the Infinity Investing approach is that you must take the critical first steps necessary to learn about personal finances and smart investing. Toby understands that the intimidating jargon, unnecessarily complicated math, and mystique surrounding money management can be a roadblock that often prevents the average person from ever starting. This book demystifies the process and describes it in a straightforward and engaging way.

Toby has spent years studying wealthy people who have built their wealth over time by creating a solid plan and sticking to it. He breaks down what these people do and don't do, so that you can follow their path. Toby is a gifted storyteller as well as a clear-eyed researcher. Readers will find his stories about people to be vivid and relatable while he uses just the right amount of real-world financial data to back up his lessons.

Let's create your infinity plan!

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