With the advent of a new decade, the movie industry of Hong Kong by late 1971 had changed forever with the release of Bruce Lee's first movie, 'The Big Boss.' Hong Kong film industry old guard, having administered a hidebound approach to film production for the past several decades, were now suddenly forced to re-evaluate. Even Shaw Brothers, who in particular had monopolised the Hong Kong movie machine, found themselves on the canvas looking up in disbelieve at the now' pound for pound' champion, Bruce Lee.

In this volume, we recommence our research as Lee continued to dominate not only the Southeast Asian movie market but also his endeavour to overcome a racially prejudiced Hollywood and prove his worth as an international commodity to the world of action cinema. Once again, the arduous task of researching and refining another historical piece of Bruce Lee history was no easy task. In comparison to the previous volume, BRUCE LEE: MANDARIN SUPERSTAR, that covered a timeline of around three years, this follow-up compendium microscopically examines a chronological fraction in contrast, with a mere six months in the life of the man. As work began on this book, it soon became apparent the amount of historical depth and development that had occurred in the life of Bruce Lee within such a brief period between late October 71 to April 72. Predominantly centred around his second movie, 'Fist of Fury, ' the real premise of this book is not only an in-depth examination of the historical significance behind the film but more so Lee's continued pursuit for international fame and recognition. In the pages ahead, the reader will not only be amazed by the visual artistry and photogenic attributes of the man, but also his continued drive towards excellence within the Southeast Asian movie industry. In so many ways, Bruce Lee was a cinematical 'Ronin, ' a 'drifter' or 'wanderer, ' with no fixed abode in the world of movie-making, a man with no lord or master other than himself. With the formation of his production company 'Concord, ' Lee now had freedom over conformity and a pathway to finally becoming the 'master of his own destiny' with his soon to be 'directorial debut.' By April 1972, and record-breaking box-office with his previous two films, the Hong Kong movie industry was undoubtedly partisan in their endeavours to emulate his formula without much success. But for an ardent and expressively driven Bruce Lee, his aspiring achievement in the Southeast Asian movie industry, although providing financial security, was somewhat insignificant in comparison to his dream of international recognition and ultimately Hollywood fame.

-Steve Kerridge 2020

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