Apres All Day : 65+ Cozy Recipes to Share with Family and Friends

Apres All Day : 65+ Cozy Recipes to Share with Family and Friends


For ski bums and non-skiers who enjoy the snow, here is a cozy winter cookbook of 65+ hearty recipes, plus beautiful photography that captures the apres-ski culture and mountain town life.

Apres-ski is more than just an afternoon beer in the lodge. It's an opportunity to gather with friends and family over delicious food and drinks during the cold winter months. This cozy cookbook invites home cooks of all levels to embrace the apres culture all season long, whether they're the first skier on the slopes in the morning or a nonskier who prefers to snuggle up by the fireplace. There are recipes for every meal-because yes, you really can "apres all day"-including Apple Pie Oatmeal as pre-ski fuel, Tater Tot Nachos, a.k.a. "Tatchos" for an indulgent snack on the couch, Classic Beef Stew with Cheesy Garlic Bread for a family potluck, and a well-deserved Kitchen Sink Skillet Cookie to end the day. There is a section with helpful tips on cooking at altitude, plus fun sidebars featuring must-know ski lingo, ideas for game night, and more. Ski bums, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who lives in cold climates will appreciate the hearty recipes and beautiful photography of mountain scenery.

FOR ANYONE IN COLD CLIMES: Apres-ski isn't just for skiers, and neither is this cookbook-anyone can apres, at any time of day! The recipes in this book are perfect for anyone who lives somewhere with cold winters or loves the mountains or the idea of mountain living.

GOOD GIFT FOR A RANGE OF FOLKS: With beautiful mountain scenery and photos of charming ski towns, Apres All Day encapsulates a way of life. This is a lovely gift for anyone who likes to cook, as well as those who enjoy or aspire to an outdoorsy life in the mountains.

COMPELLING PACKAGE: Apres All Day is full of evocative photography: a stack of blankets, signage on the slopes, chairlifts in the fog, snow-dusted pine trees, and more. The approachable recipes, informal tone, and aspirational photography will make you feel as if you are enjoying a ski weekend in the mountains with your best friend.

Perfect for:

* Home cooks who love the mountains and mountain dwellers who like to cook

* Skiers and snowboarders of all levels

* Anyone who enjoys snow activities and the apres-ski culture

* Those who live in places with cold winters

* Armchair travelers

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