The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Stories

The Pendleton Field Guide to Campfire Stories


From beloved American heritage brand Pendleton comes this collection of family-friendly tales of adventure and discovery in the wilderness.

This captivating collection of campfire stories is the perfect companion for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. These pages present a range of tales, including daring feats of endurance and strength, epic journeys through new frontiers, and exhilarating encounters with wild animals, plus spooky myths to bring campers closer together around the fire.

Readers will discover works by beloved naturalists John Muir and Henry David Thoreau, modern tales of adventure from Alex Honnold and Cheryl Strayed, and accounts of bravery and heroism from the adventures of Shackleton and the Donner party. With a combination of awe-inspiring stories and Pendleton's beloved patterns and engaging illustrations throughout, this handsome campfire collection is the ideal addition to any adventure and a wonderful gift for families and friends who love camping.

* BELOVED BRAND: For over 150 years, Pendleton Woolen Mills has been one of America's most beloved heritage brands. Known for their woolen blankets and clothing, their products are celebrated by people who love the great outdoors. This thoughtfully curated collection speaks to Pendleton's fans with stories that will elevate any adventure.
* FAMILY FUN: These family-friendly stories are the perfect way to bring everyone together after a day of fun outdoors. Reading the stories together is an easy activity for everyone to participate in, and offers tons of opportunities to bond with family or friends.
* BEAUTIFUL TO DISPLAY: Featuring more than 30 Pendleton patterns delivered in a handsome hardcover package with a cloth cover and lovely textured details, this eye-catching package is the perfect accessory for any outdoor occasion or mountain home, and makes for a wonderful Father's Day gift or holiday gift for those who enjoy the natural world.

Perfect for:

* People seeking a gift for Father's Day
* Fans of Pendleton
* Campers, nature lovers, and cabin owners

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