A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters : A resource for writing headlines and building creative confidence

A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters : A resource for writing headlines and building creative confidence


From aspiring to expiring copywriters, this book will help you become a more efficient, more confident creative. In other words, you'll make more money. And friends.

It's a little about the creative process and a lot about the craft of writing headlines, with over two hundred example ads.

If you're looking for "killer headline formulas that can't fail," "data-driven headline conversion hacks," "SEO secrets (Google doesn't want you to know)," or "can't-miss clickbait headlines," you can find everything you need in a search bar. If you want to learn how to come up with a crap ton of ideas and turn them into headlines that bring personality to your writing, click add to cart.

Oh, and as much as the title of this book, A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters, was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek, it's the only book on creativity in advertising that takes on the subject of creative self-doubt. It will help you whack-a-mole self-doubting thoughts before they can even get a word in.

Note: This is also a great resource for people who dislike copywriters. Read this book and soon you'll be able to casually point out flaws in their work, making the fragile copywriter in your life feel even more insecure.

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