The Tax Cure : Change the Facts of Your Financial Life to Create True Wealth & Peace of Mind

The Tax Cure : Change the Facts of Your Financial Life to Create True Wealth & Peace of Mind


When Thomas Black went to medical school, he had altruistic visions of doing good for humanity--while providing a comfortable, stable life for his wife and children. What he didn't expect was that essentially he'd be working free of charge for the Internal Revenue Service for four months of every year with a tax rate of at least 37 percent.

Year after year, he did his best to accept his fate, until he realized he didn't have to! He had a choice. He could find the freedom he desired for himself and his family. Black, the author of The Passive Income Physician, began investing in real estate and researched the US Tax code to create value on his investment strategy.

Now, in the self-cure tradition of his first book, this ground-breaking business author plays matchmaker so that you'll finally understand why it is essential to embrace the legal benefits of the spring ritual that you love to hate-taxation.

Black's method for achieving this goal was simple: create assets and cash flow to reduce his tax footprint. This created the freedom for him to choose when, where, and how he would work in medicine.

In The Tax Cure: Change the Facts of Your Financial Life to Create True Wealth & Peace of Mind, Thomas Black and his associate, Mike Pine, a CPA--whose father dedicated long hours away from his family to pursue his medical career--provide you with all you need to experience the financial freedom you deserve.

In Part 1: Depreciation Nation, you'll discover ways to lower your taxes and invest to create greater cash flow.

In Part 2: Borrow, Retain, Retire, Black and Pine take you further into the journey of financial stability, security, and freedom through loans, preparation for audits, and essential tax planning.So, if you're fed up with working 100-hour weeks and being drained of your precious life force just to pay taxes, then The Tax Cure is just what you need to create a new way of living your life.

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