Faith Like Flamingos : The Christian Business Guide to Walking Out Your Faith In Bold Color!

Faith Like Flamingos : The Christian Business Guide to Walking Out Your Faith In Bold Color!


Have you ever looked at your business and wondered what in the world you got yourself into?

If you're like many Christians in business today, you've been reading the headlines and watching the rapid-fire changes in our culture with frustration and fear. Let's face it: business owners today are facing questions that previous generations didn't even see coming, and even our right to believe is under fire.

Popular speaker and business coach Katie Hornor (Handprint Legacy) believes that today's business owners need a special kind of faith. We need to be know the Lord and the grace and peace that allows us to fulfill our purpose confident in who we are in him.

In Faith Like Flamingos, Katie has a powerful message just for you―the Christian in business. Through encouragement, practical considerations, and authentic "me-too" moments, Katie equips you for your unique purpose: to walk tall and confidently carry the message God's entrusted to you to those who need to hear it. God wants to use this generation of business owners To do something extraordinary,
To be sure of your identity in Christ, To trust your Creator's unique design for your life and business, and To have boldness to be you unapologetically in the workplace.

So, if you're feeling unsure or inadequate today, get ready to find new confidence as you join Katie Hornor in Faith Like Flamingos.

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