How to Weave a Navajo Rug and Other Lessons from Spider Woman

How to Weave a Navajo Rug and Other Lessons from Spider Woman


For the first time, master Navajo weavers themselves share the deep, inside story of how the best-known, most-admired, and most-collected textiles in North America are created, and how their creation resonates in Navajo culture. Want to weave a high-quality, Navajostyle rug? This book has detailed how-to instructions, meticulously illustrated by a Navajo artist, from warping the loom to important finishing touches. Want to understand the deeper meaning? You'll learn why the fixed parts of the loom are male, and the working parts are female. You'll learn how weaving relates to the earth, the sky, the sacred directions. You'll learn how the Navajo people were given their weaving tradition (and it wasn't borrowed from the Pueblos!) You'll learn how important a weaver's attitude and spirit are to creating successful rugs. You'll learn what it means to live in hozho, the Beauty Way.

While many books have been written about Navajo weaving, techniques, and styles, almost no books on Navajo weaving are actually written by Navajos. How to Weave a Navajo Rug is written by two award-winning, professional Navajo weavers. In addition to their acclaim in the Navajo art world, the authors are professional teachers whose weaving workshops in retails shops, museums, and galleries across the country, consistently fill beyond capacity. Their book is based on years of classroom teaching.

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