Paint and Sip Vol. 3 : The Magic of Painless Painting

Paint and Sip Vol. 3 : The Magic of Painless Painting


Have you ever experienced the fun of a, Paint and Sip party, or the relaxation of painting on your own? Let's face it, painting is fun. Getting together with family and friends is a great way to visit while entertaining. Imagine being able to create something that is fun to do and looks great when finished. Something you can hang on your own walls to add color and character to any dull room. With these easy to follow lessons anyone can paint, even the total beginner. It is the fastest way to learn art as you literally get a paintable design in only a few minutes. I have had hundreds of classes and thousands of students and believe it or not, the beginners do as well as the experienced painters with these designs. Picture yourself painting along with your family or friends and feeling the joy of creating great looking art. Not to mention that it's wonderful to have something fun to do when you're stuck indoors and tired of the T.V.These designs take the hassle out of trying to figure out what to paint. All the layout is done for you, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. You will be painting like a pro in only minutes as you follow along this a step-by-step process. Easy enough for a total beginner, yet challenging enough for the pro to expand on. In a short amount of time you will see amazing results. This book gives you six bright and cheerful paintings that you can create and learn from as you get better. This progressive system teaches you the easiest way to start, fix and finish any painting. If you're a beginner who wants to learn a system of how to get good fast, then this book is for you. The best part is that once you learn this system you can create your own paintings with wonderful satisfaction.Most people don't have the time to spend years getting better at something they just want to enjoy. What if you want to have fun with family and friends but have never had the time to picked up a brush? Then this book is for you. Nothing to fancy just open the book and follow along. Never again will you worry if you're doing it right because this system takes all the hassle out of trying to figure out correct perspective. In fact, many people do their best artwork just by following the pictures and not even reading the text.Now, I'm not saying this is the only way to learn how to paint. But I am saying, it is the easiest way to learn how to paint, on the planet. And why is it so easy? Because it takes all of the math out of the equation. Yes, you read that right, no math. No more worrying about dimension, lines of horizon or vanishing points. This system shows you how to get quick layout and design in only a few minutes. If you can draw a line, you can do this system. If you can draw a curved line, you're already a pro. This system is progressive so while the design changes, the system stays the same. That means you get better evetime you paint, and fast. So, if you don't get perfection the first time, try again and you'll be amazed. It's fast because you're doing the same system over and over again, all the while having fun with different designs. I have had hundreds of students tell me how they love this system and now have paintings all over their home or office with delight.The best part about this painting process is that you don't have to figure out anything. Just open the book and start painting. Even the layout for the paint station is included for super easy start up. Eventually you will be comfortable enough to start creating your own masterpieces. I tell everyone to be sure to sign their pieces because someone will most likely ask. "Who painted that painting?" And you can proudly say, "I painted that beauty."

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