Confessions of a Commercial Real Estate Broker : Daily Lessons Learned From Life and CRE

Confessions of a Commercial Real Estate Broker : Daily Lessons Learned From Life and CRE


" of the best books I have read in my 35-year career. Jim Baker has laid out as true-to-life a story as can be found in as innovative a manner that tells not just his real estate narrative, but a life and career lessons-learned story with historical context structured over the 365 days of the year. You won't find another book like this one, and you will likely find yourself keeping it alongside your desk calendar as a reference for those days that we all find ourselves lacking focus or searching for some perspective." KC Conway, MAI, CRE, Chief Economist/CCIM Institute From drumsticks at an early age, to chalkboards after college, and then to pens that inked profitable real estate deals, Jim Baker has successfully wielded them all. The winding road of his experience is marked by highs and lows, especially in times of tremendous personal and professional challenges and growth. These landmarks are chronicled in Jim's book, Confessions of a Commercial Real Estate Broker. Jim is an accomplished musician who began his career performing professionally and later taught and directed high school music. A heart-breaking experience on the job, as well as family crises and losses, brought Jim face-to-face with the realization that he needed to follow his heart and change careers. His journey led him eventually to his current award-winning position in commercial real estate. Bathed in honesty and written to prepare others for the field of his passion, commercial real estate, Jim shares his advice, expertise, and humor, divided conveniently in entries for every day of the year. Each day opens with information that relates to commercial real estate, followed by a helpful "Lessons Learned" section. The closing piece of each entry, "On This Date," reflects the author's extensive research with names of people, events, and highlights associated with the date. These may be familiar, even nostalgic to the reader, and surely informative. His nuggets of wisdom will certainly give you conversation starters around the table with your family or at the office with business associates. Jim's desire is that his book will better prepare you for a career in commercial real estate, enhance your success, and give you valuable points to ponder as you work with others. Author information: Jim Baker, a native of New Albany, Indiana, enjoyed growing up in a family that provided him with a variety of role models in music and business. His grandfather introduced him to drums as a young child. This gave him opportunities as a teen to perform with a fife and drum band. His talent was undeniable, and while still in high school, Jim earned a coveted chair in the acclaimed Louisville Orchestra. After graduating from University of Louisville, he pursued a career in teaching and directing music at Jeffersonville High School. He later went into residential real estate and from there moved to commercial real estate. Jim earned high designations and honors in his commercial real estate career, which continues to fulfill his heart.

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