Orphan No More

Orphan No More


"Once an orphan, always an orphan!" became the mantra of her childhood.

Orphan No More is a gripping first-hand account of a child who survives the horror of sexual abuse and abandonment in a society that turns a blind eye to the stark reality of molestation, child abuse, and sexual exploitation. Frightened and confused, she struggled to understand the death of her mommy and why her daddy did such horrible things to her. The state removed her from the only home she knew and tossed her from one foster home to another. What does the future hold for one abandoned little girl whose soul had been traumatized, tormented, repeatedly abused, and abandoned on so many levels?


Orphan No More is a gut-wrenching, unembellished story of a woman who, through Christ, has found freedom and victory. Jen's vulnerability in sharing the details of her life, including the deeply private and painful points, will inspire readers to know that their story also matters and their voice needs to be heard. I believe this book will inspire, encourage, and open eyes to the reality of both broken humanity and the love and power of Jesus. Jen paints a beautiful picture of redemption through her words and lets the world know that there truly is a God who gives beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, and a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

─Janice Rigel, Co-Founder of Stirred Up Ministries, Podcast host of Just Janice

Orphan No More is a powerful story of hope, healing, wholeness, and freedom. Jen allows herself to be vulnerable, real, and honest, as she discloses the deepest, darkest, and most broken pieces of her being. She gives witness to the transforming, healing power of Christ's love and amazing grace in her own life. No matter where you are in your spiritual walk, this book will challenge you to go deeper and draw closer to a trusting God with your own brokenness to find freedom and victory. This book is a must-read for anyone who asks themselves, "Who am I?"

─Lauree Quada MA, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, Founder and Owner of Embracing Hope Counseling

Abouth the Author:

Jen has a passion for helping others find freedom from their childhood trauma and sharing the Word of God. She has taught children's church for over 10 years, led small groups, assisted in weekend retreats for abused women, and spoken at different events. She has a Bachelor of Science in mathematics specializing in secondary education. Currently, she teaches middle school mathematics. Jen lives in Michigan with her three teenagers.

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