The Code of Behavior : 5 Essentials to Unlocking a Life of Extreme Inspiration, Unlimited Confidence, and Endless Victory

The Code of Behavior : 5 Essentials to Unlocking a Life of Extreme Inspiration, Unlimited Confidence, and Endless Victory


Success doesn't have to be complicated.

All you need is the right Code of Behavior.

Most people are stuck in average, and average is a dangerous place. Average is where complacency and comparison rule. It's where the daily grind leaves you dissatisfied and longing for significance. And it's where you end up when you take life as it comes, instead of taking control.

The good news is, you aren't destined for average.

With the right Code of Behavior, you can have the life you want.

Jason L. Nemes knows firsthand about the power of having the right code of behavior. After living by the wrong code of behavior, his life was a series of negative consequences: his mom had kicked him out of the house and the party life had left him addicted and empty. Then, when he was thirty-five, his choices caught up with him, and a major heart attack almost took him out of the game-permanently.

Determined to create his best possible life, Jason changed his code of behavior. This book reveals his path to greatness and gives you the tools you need to become your best from the inside out.

In The Code of Behavior, through the five essentials, you'll learn how to . . .Unlock a life of extreme inspiration and stack the odds in your favor.Experience unlimited confidence that attracts a culture of excellence.Enjoy endless victory where you influence the outcome.

The health of your body, the condition of your mind, and the quality of your relationships all result from your code of behavior.

By changing your code of behavior, you can change your life.

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