Get Your Startup Story Straight

Get Your Startup Story Straight






In a world that's been turned upside down by a pandemic, social upheavals, environmental disasters, and economic disruptions, the need for reinvention is paramount. While many entrepreneurs and innovators have brilliant ideas, they desperately need the skills to successfully articulate their vision to investors, prospective customers, employees, and stakeholders. In this informative and empowering book, David Riemer breaks down the storytelling clutter so you can gain the attention you need to be successful.

Storytelling is foundational. If you have a groundbreaking invention in mind or have a plan to solve worldwide problems, Get Your Startup Story Straight is the tool you need to create better customer-focused solutions, motivate more backers to your project, and ultimately dominate in the market. Broken down into three acts, this book will allow you to discover the building blocks of your narrative, the storytelling techniques to convey your ideas clearly, and the archetypes for inspiration.

Equipped with a better understanding of your narrative, you will be able to:

- Maintain a constant focus on your customer

(your protagonist)

- Understand what makes them tick in a more

meaningful way

- And focus the product development efforts

through the lens of this narrative

The author's own words tell it all: "Innovators are

ubiquitous nowadays, and for this community, storytelling is essential." If you are a creator struggling to get others on board, this is the handbook to refine your story to guide your product strategy, shape your company, and ultimately improve lives.

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