Lulu and the Hunger Monster

Lulu and the Hunger Monster


"In this story illustrating the reality of childhood hunger and food insecurity, Lulu invites kids into her world to help them understand what it's like to battle the Hunger Monster. Lulu and the Hunger Monster delivers the right message at the right time, helping readers recognize the problem of childhood hunger and moving them to find solutions."
--Jeff Bridges, actor and anti-hunger advocate

When Lulu's mother's van breaks down, money for food becomes tight and the Hunger Monster comes into their lives. Only visible to Lulu, Hunger Monster is a troublemaker who makes it hard for her to concentrate in school. How will Lulu help her mom and defeat the Monster when Lulu has promised never to speak the monster's name to anyone?

This realistic--and hopeful--story of food insecurity builds awareness of the issue of childhood hunger, increases empathy for people who are food insecure, and demonstrates how anyone can help end hunger. Lulu and the Hunger Monster(TM) empowers children to destigmatize the issue of hunger before the feeling turns into shame.

The author combines years of experience fighting hunger as a food bank CEO with an MFA in writing for young children to craft an honest story of how poverty and food insecurity can affect adults and their children. Lulu's story addresses the effects of hunger on learning and can be used in group settings to address social justice issues in an accessible and encouraging way.

Lulu and the Hunger Monster has been awarded the International Literacy Association's 2021 Social Justice Literature Award and a 2020 Foreword INDIES Honorable Mention, Picture Books, Early Reader (Children's).

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