The Story of the Rockport-Fulton Art Colony : How a Coastal Texas Town Became an Art Enclave

The Story of the Rockport-Fulton Art Colony : How a Coastal Texas Town Became an Art Enclave


When Coastal Living Magazine listed Rockport, Texas, among its 'Top 10 Artists' Colonies - grouping the Texas community with such destinations as Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, and Monhegan Island, Maine - eyebrows lifted in many parts of the country. But for those in the know, Rockport's inclusion represented the logical result of the area's unique land- and seascapes, its welcoming climate, and its tradition of providing a haven for creativity and individuality.The story begins with well-known portrait photographer Louis de Planque, who lived in Rockport in the late nineteenth century, and includes Annie Fulton Holden, who painted a portrait of the first governor of Texas that hung in the state Capitol until fire destroyed it in 1881. In the many decades since, a host of artists, art educators, and art historians have called the Rockport-Fulton area home, including contemporary and influential artists, instructors, and gallerists such as Herb Booth, Meredith Long, and Simon Michael, teacher of Dalhart Windberg.

In The Story of the Rockport-Fulton Art Colony: How a Coastal Texas Town Became an Art Enclave, Kay Kronke Betz and Vickie Moon Merchant chronicle how this small Texas town, whose economy was based on fishing, shrimping, and tourism, became a major regional center for the visual arts. Generously illustrated throughout with full-color images of boats, bays, birds, and other hallmarks of this artistically rich community, this book is a visual and narrative treat for art lovers, conservationists, and historians alike.

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