Learn Cataloging the RDA Way International Edition

Learn Cataloging the RDA Way International Edition


"Learn Cataloging the RDA Way International Edition" A Practical Study Guide For Learning Descriptive Cataloging Using Resource Description and Access (Rda) and Marc
The fundamental skills of descriptive cataloging are the focus of this combination text and workbook. It covers all cataloging basics including the process of descriptive cataloging, MARC, FRBR entities, and the use of the RDA Toolkit. It then treats each section of the RDA Instruction Set in the detail needed for practicing catalogers to create RDA-compliant cataloging records. Learn Cataloging the RDA Way also includes information on changes from AACR2, access points, authority work, MARC coding, ISBD punctuation and copy cataloging.
Since the bibliographic record is the foundation of all tools used in a library, it is important that library staff become familiar with basic cataloging skills. Learn Cataloging the RDA Way contains clear explanations and examples, along with numerous practice exercises, to help the reader become proficient in descriptive cataloging. It is equally suitable for students studying library science, experienced catalogers transitioning to the new RDA standard, and library technicians and others who want to understand more about descriptive cataloging.
The abundance of examples and practice exercises help the reader master the skills needed for working in all types of libraries, including public, school, college, corporate, government and special libraries.
"Learn Basic Library Skills" is suitable for newly qualified librarians or those at the paraprofessional and volunteer level, as it clearly explains the basic skills of library work and how they can be applied. It can also be used as a manual for anyone developing or maintaining a collection, either for a special interest group like a church or historical society, or to organize personal materials.
This workbook comprehensively covers the process of descriptive cataloging, using Resource Description and Access (RDA) and the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format. It is suitable as a text for cataloging students and as an introduction to new cataloging guidelines for experienced practitioners transitioning to RDA.
"Learn Cataloging the RDA Way" is one of the study guides in the Learn Library Skills Series. Details of each publication are in the back of this book.
Authors Lynn Farkas and Helen Rowe are experienced librarians and library educators who have trained library staff throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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