Making The Met, 1870-2020

Making The Met, 1870-2020


The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates 150 years by presenting its evolution into one of the world's greatest museums and its vision for the future

"'Making the Met'" is all about the ambitions and blind spots of an institution-and the changing schemes of meaning, value and interpretation that form an invisible frame around all the world's beauty."--Jason Farago, The New York Times (exhibition review)

Published to celebrate the Museum's 150th anniversary, Making The Met examines the institution's evolution from an idea-that art can elevate anyone who has access to it-to one of the most beloved encyclopedic collections in the world. Focusing on key transformational moments, this richly illustrated book provides insight into events that led The Met in new directions, broadened its audience, and expanded its collection. Eleven chapters illuminate topics such as the impact of momentous acquisitions, the global cooperation that resulted from international excavations, the Museum's association with the "Monuments Men" and its role in preserving cultural heritage during and after the Second World War, and The Met's interaction with modern and contemporary art and artists. Illustrations include rarely seen archival and behind-the-scenes images, in addition to more than 200 key works that changed the way we look at art. The final chapter considers contemporary philosophies for collecting art from around the globe, strategies for reaching new and diverse audiences, and the role of museums today.

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