My Grandma Likes to Say

My Grandma Likes to Say


Following in the footsteps of My Momma Likes to Say comes the charming My Grandma Likes to Say. Thousands of proverbs and idioms can be found in the English language. Derived from many different sources, these expressions are a wonderful link to history and culture, and can be an instructive tool in language education. That's a horse of a different color My grandma likes to say. I'm not sure what she means But I like it anyway. Polka dots and stripes. Yellow, orange, and blue. What color would a horse be If it were up to YOU? Original paintings conceived from a child's point of view provide a hilarious visual interpretation of those sayings oft-quoted by the 'senior' members of our families.Denise Brennan-Nelson also wrote Someday Is Not a Day of the Week, winner of an IRA Children's Choice award. Atireless promoter and enthusiastic speaker, Denise visits countless schools and educational conferences each year, and runs a motivational speaking program through her company Goosebumps. She lives with her family in Howell, Michigan. In addition to the Likes to Say books, Jane Monroe Donovan has illustrated three other titles for Sleeping Bear Press, including the bookseller holiday favorite Winter's Gift and the recently released Black Beauty's Early Days in the Meadow. Jane lives in Pinckney, Michigan.

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