Beautiful Survivor

Beautiful Survivor


Phoebe McCabe can't resist Sir Rupert Fox's invitation to work with him on an assignment on the Amalfi Coast. All they need do is assess the contents of a neglected villa belonging to Nicolina, the granddaughter of a recently-deceased count. But the owner is late arriving, Rupert's not talking, and Phoebe finds the villa stripped of valuables, including the "jewels" of every male statue and painting on the property. The deeper she digs, the more family skeletons come rattling out of the closet, most of them armed, and definitely dangerous. Why did Sir Foxy neglect to mention that Nicolina's grandmother mysteriously disappeared nearly twenty years ago, and why are they being tailed all over the Amalfi by men in black cars? By the time Phoebe puts it all together, Sir Rupert's been lured off in one direction, Nicolina's taken off in another, and she's gunning it to Orvieto in a borrowed Maserati with killers on her heels. If she doesn't find Nicolina in time, too many innocent people will die. But Phoebe doesn't have to do everything alone. Two men show up to both complicate and simplify matters--Interpol's Sam Walker, who stalks her everywhere, and her own archaeologist-on-the-run hottie, Noel Halloren. Love can be such a crime sometimes. If there's one thing Phoebe' knows, it's what lies on the surface is only the beginning of what seethes beneath.

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