Zendoodle : 33 Zendoodle Patterns to Inspire Your Inner Artist--Even if You Think You're Not One

Zendoodle : 33 Zendoodle Patterns to Inspire Your Inner Artist--Even if You Think You're Not One


Have You Seen Zendoodle Works Of Art And Been Inspired To Create Your Own...But Don't Even Know Where To Start?
Maybe you're not even sure what Zendoodle is, or simply don't feel like you're qualified to be an artist... If any of these scenarios apply to you, then my Zendoodle Mastery Series is the answer you've been looking for! Not only will you learn the principles of the Zendoodle Method, but I'll also walk you through step by step in pictures, each of the patterns so that you know exactly how to re-create them in your own artwork! But the benefits aren't just the visual appeal. When You Use The Zendoodle Method Daily You'll Begin To See Changes In Your Life And Your Mindset In A Big Way.
How? Well, Zendoodle was originally developed as a way to practice mindfulness and meditation through the repetitive art of drawing these simple, but challenging patterns...each stroke of your pen brings you closer to the 'zen' in Zendoodle. If you're looking for a way to create beautiful artwork that only looks impossible (but is actually quite simple!) then be sure to grab all 3 Volumes of my Zendoodle Mastery Series (that's 99 patterns!). Here's What You'll Find Inside...
Expanded Workbook Edition so you can practice each pattern step by stepPLUS, extra space to create your own original tangles using each patternWhat the Zendoodle Method isCommon Myths and MisconceptionsEach step of the Zendoodle process33 unique tangle patterns-with step-by-step picture instructions for each patternCommon Zendoodle terminologyThe essentials for practicing the Zendoodle Method-do you really need 20 different pens, colored markers, colored pencils, a sketchbook and tiles?!How to create your very own "tangle"Plus so much more!
So, if you need some encouragement and inspiration to create your own Zendoodle artwork, then let me be your guide and help you along your Zendoodle journey! *** If You Purchase The Paperback Workbook Edition, You Can Get The Kindle Version FREE! ***
BONUS: As a 'thank you' for your purchase, you'll find an additional 21 Zendoodle patterns + 10 bonus borders to download for free inside the Kindle version! ==>Scroll up and click 'add to cart' to get your copy now.

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