For Sale By Owner 30 Day Success Formula : How To Sell Any House In 30 Days or Less

For Sale By Owner 30 Day Success Formula : How To Sell Any House In 30 Days or Less


How would it feel if you sold your house in the next 30 days? If you are a "Do-it-Yourselfer" and you want to sell your house quickly, The For Sale By Owner-30 Day Success Formula is a must have. This book will show you step by step how real estate investors (that buy and sell houses every month) sell houses in 30 days or less and how you-the homeowner can duplicate it! This book will teach you a selling system and marketing system to get a ton of buyers calling to buy your house! This book is to the point and straight forward for your convenience. This ensures you get to selling your house the proper way quickly. The 30 Day Success Formula is easily duplicated by anyone even if you have no experience selling a house! What you will learn in the FSBO 30 Day Success Formula: -Our 7 Step 30 Day Success Formula To Sell Any House In 30 Days or Less. -Simple mind tricks to make sure you always get top dollar for your house. This alone was worth $5,519. -4 Proven Marketing Techniques to attract numerous potential buyers to your house-Just copy our messages and let the buyers roll in. -How to make sure you ONLY talk to buyers who can pay for your house NOT tire-kickers. -How to use the internet and websites to reach hundreds of potential buyers-if you're not a computer person, don't worry, we take you step by step and make it easy. -Why you should not put a "For Sale By Owner" sign in your yard-we tell you sign you should use. -The #1 place on Facebook to find potential buyers instantly. -And much much more...

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