The $100k Sales Method

The $100k Sales Method


I know, no one told you that entrepreneurship was a sales job.

And maybe, once you found that out, you weren't excited.

This book was written for YOU.

The talented, committed, smart, hardworking woman that wants to make an impact in the world in an insurmountable way. So that you can grow a business that puts YOU in the driver's seat. Of your income. Of your time. Of your life.

I believe that change (the kind of change our world NEEDS right now) happens at home. It happens around our dining room tables. Spending time with people we love. Dropping our kids off at practice and school and picking them up. Doing work that we truly enjoy.

Entrepreneurship can give you ALL of this (and so much more when you're ready!). But the only way to be a successful to learn how to sell (without selling your soul).

This book will teach exactly how to build relationships, solve problems, and get clients in your business. It will teach you the mindset shift that you have to make to be able to truly own your role as the sales driver in your business. It will teach you the basic business fundamentals that will always be the building blocks of successful business.

After 15 years in the corporate world and almost 3 years a business owner - I can tell you without a doubt that this book will help you grow your business. Whether it's the first $100k or the next $100k - this book is for you!

I could not recommend this book any more highly. Ryann is a first-class sales professional that knows the industry inside and out. What I truly love most about her and what she teaches, is that it is a path for anyone to go down to create the success they truly deserve in their business.

-- Scott Aaron

Ryann is an expert in her craft, but she shares her expertise in a way that anyone can take and apply immediately. From mindset shifts about selling to practical steps to start building that relationship-based network, Ryann will be your biz bestie as you revamp your sales strategy. You don't have a business if you aren't selling. This book will show you how.

- Julie Ciardi

Ryann is refreshingly straight up in her approach of what it really takes to build a sustainable business that stands the test of time no matter the economy or rapidly changing social media landscape.

- Christina Jandali

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