Stranger Things: Into The Fire (graphic Novel)

Stranger Things: Into The Fire (graphic Novel)


Beyond Hawkins Lab, Starcourt Mall, Dungeons and Dragons, Monsters, and Mindflayers, the powerful children that have escaped from Hawkins Lab are out in the world, trying to live normal lives, but it comes at a steep cost.

Nine was left behind in Hawkins Lab, comatose and alone. Now she lives in a fractured reality of her own creation under the watchful eyes of doctors who have no idea about the psychic volcano building insider her that erupt at any moment, obliterating their entire hospital.

Three and Nine's twin sister both escaped Hawkins lab several years ago and have been on the run ever since. They had just settled down into a new life when, all of the sudden, the lab has made the national news. With the veil of normalcy completely shattered, they pack everything they have and hit the road, hoping to find and help any of the other kids they can. When Kali (number Eight) informs them that Nine is still alive it becomes a race against the clock to save a beloved sister, from the doctors that keep her, as well as the delusions that threaten to fracture her psyche beyond repair.

Perfectly penned by writer Jody Houser (Critical Role, Star Wars: Tie Fighter) with kinetic pencils by Ryan Kelly (New York Four, Star Wars) and tight inks by Le Beau Underwood (Catwoman, Immortal Hulk) this third book in the Stranger Things comics line takes the story to brand new territory.

Collects Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1-#4.

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