Collective Efficacy : How Educators' Beliefs Impact Student Learning

Collective Efficacy : How Educators' Beliefs Impact Student Learning


Improve student outcomes with collective teacher efficacy.

Is your school climate promoting meaningful change? Recent research suggests that Collective Efficacy (CE) is the number one factor influencing student achievement.

CE-the belief that, through collective actions, educators can influence student outcomes and improve student learning-is changing the educational ecosystem. A faculty with high Collective Efficacy show greater effort and persistence, willingness to try new teaching approaches, and attend more closely to struggling students' needs. This book presents practical strategies and tools for increasing student achievement by sharing:

Rationale and sources for establishing CE
Conditions and leadership practices for CE to flourish
Professional learning structures/protocols that promote CE

If educators' realities are filtered through the belief that they can do very little to influence student achievement, then it is likely these beliefs will manifest in their practice. Help teachers develop mastery and CE by employing these key strategies.

"Acclaimed staff developer and experienced educational consultant Jennifer Donohoo puts the sword to the mistaken idea that the best way to improve teaching is by evaluating individuals. Donohoo takes an old idea-collective efficacy-strengthens it with a rigorous research base, and brings it alive through her countless observations of teachers' practice.

Collective Efficacy is about the overwhelming power that teachers have to improve student learning and achievement when they work together, explore every avenue open to them, and persist relentlessly once they have found the best ways forward. This book will turn many people's assumptions about how best to improve student achievement on their head. Probably one of the very best education books of the year."

Andy Hargreaves, Brennan Chair in Education

Boston College

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