Higher Self Now! : Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution

Higher Self Now! : Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution


Higher Self Now! is a powerful affirmation for immediate spiritual liberation; a modern guide book for personal transformation. Learn about the unseen nature of our existence, the continuing evolution of soul after death and how to navigate thought responsive realities. Develop your own Spiritual Directive as you discover the practices of an end-of-life coach. Through a variety of personal accounts and practical guidance, you can be prepared to assist your loved ones as they begin to transition from the physical world. Experience a variety of techniques that will clear the way for you to achieve escape velocity from the dimensions of density and form. We are powerful, creative beings with the ability to shape and mold our current reality and influence our afterlife as well. Become knowledgeable about continuing spiritual evolution beyond matter to prepare for and enhance your spiritual journey. Your amazing adventure has just begun - become self-empowered today!William Buhlman, author of Adventures beyond the Body, teaches and conducts workshops at The Monroe Institute focusing on the exploration of consciousness, the afterlife, and profound spiritual awakening. Visit the author at www.astralinfo.org. Susan Buhlman is a certified end-of-life Doula, hospice volunteer, and bereavement support companion. Together they have written this compelling book that will not only encourage an environment of comfort and respect during the end-of-life experience, but direct the departing soul to reach their highest level of spiritual evolution as well. Visit the authors at www.astralinfo.org.

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