Names of God Participant Workbook, The

Names of God Participant Workbook, The


Know God better through a study of His names. Today's culture and others' views, even those of other Christians, can present a distorted view of God. Some suggest God exudes qualities He does not possess such as being unloving or apathetic toward His creation. In a world where we find people creating God in their own image, studying God's names can remind us that we are created in His. In fact, one of the best ways to know God's true character and grow closer to Him is to study His names. In The Names of God, Melissa Spoelstra leads women on an exploration of the many names of our triune God--from El and Elohim to Yahweh and its many combinations to names such as Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit...and many others. As women study the names of God, their ideas about God will become more grounded in what His names tell them, and thus more personal, allowing a greater trust in Him to share the details of their lives. Whether having walked with God for many years or just starting out in a relationship with Him, by the end of this study women will not only know more about God but will know Him better--because through the discovery of God's names, they will discover Him! Components for this six-week Bible study, each available separately, include a Participant Workbook, a Leader Guide, DVD with six 25-minute segments (with closed captioning), and a boxed Leader Kit containing one of each component. This Bible Study Includes: - A six-week study of the names of God. - Inspires women to have a more personal and trusting relationship with God. - DVD features dynamic, engaging teaching in six 25-minute segments. - Strong, solid Bible study from popular Bible teacher and speaker Melissa Spoelstra.

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