Fashion by Design : Bundle Book + Studio Access Card

Fashion by Design : Bundle Book + Studio Access Card


Fashion by Design, Second Edition, explains how the elements and principles of design relate to fashion, based on the philosophy of the Bauhaus Experiment of the 1920s and 1930s, which is the foundation for art education in the United States. The book is structured into three parts: the stages of the design process (inspiration, identification, conceptualization, exploration/refinement, definition/modeling, communication, and production); physical elements (such as line, shape, form, space, texture, light, pattern, color, and value); and theoretical principles (like balance, emphasis, rhythm, proportion, and unity) of design. This is reinforced by fashion designer profiles and illustrations covering art, architecture, and fashion. The book aims to improve the designer's eye for creating fashion and related art forms; to identify terminology used in the communication of fashion; and to show how other factors, such as the human form, clothing structure, historic silhouettes, fashion trends, culture, and industry trends, may impact the development of a line or a collection.

New to this Edition:
-A more user-friendly order of information, in a more condensed language style, with updated color visuals
-Expanded section on the design process, with information on sustainable design
-New creative assignments at the end of chapters with application to the fields of fashion design (including the development of a design journal), fashion merchandising (such as styling, product development, buying or trend research) and theater arts (such as costumes, sets, lighting)

STUDIO Features:
-Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
-Review concepts with flashcards of essential vocabulary
- Downloadable "Paper Dolls" pdfs for students to interact with key concepts of the design process

Instructor Resources:
-PowerPoint (R) slides featuring key concepts from each chapter
-Instructor's Guide with sample course outlines for teaching and tools for integrating the STUDIO with the course

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