Grief Works : Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving

Grief Works : Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving


"An honest, practical, as well as emotional guide to working through the processing of mourning" (, Grief Works is a lifeline for all of us dealing with loss and a handbook to help others--from the "expected" death of a parent to the sudden and unexpected death of a child or spouse.

Death affects us all. Yet it is still the last taboo in our society, and grief is still profoundly misunderstood. Julia Samuel, a grief psychotherapist, has spent twenty-five years working with the bereaved and understanding the full repercussions of loss. In Grief Works, Samuel shares case studies from those who have experienced great love and great loss--and survived. People need to understand that grief is a process that has to be worked through, and Samuel shows if we do the work, we can begin to heal. "As a guide for the newly grieving, Grief Works succeeds on many levels, and the author's compassionate storytelling skills provide even broader appeal...and consistently hit an authentically inspiring note" (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).

"Illuminating" (The New York Times), intimate, warm, and helpful, Samuel is a caring and deeply experienced guide through the shadowy and mutable land of grief, and her book is as invaluable to those who are grieving as it is to those around them. She adroitly unpacks the psychological tangles of grief in a voice that is compassionate, grounded, real, and observant of those in mourning. Divided into case histories grouped by who has died--a partner, a parent, a sibling, a child, as well section dealing with terminal illness and suicide--Grief Works shows us how to live and learn from great loss. This important book is "essential for anyone who has ever experienced grief or wanted to comfort a bereaved friend" (Helen Fielding, author of Bridget Jones's Diary).

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