Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There

Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There


The bestselling author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart--and Billy Graham's daughter--returns with a rousing look at how to spiritually tackle the fears we all face during times of change, uncertainty, and crisis.'Ruth Graham empathizes with readers who feel inadequate, outnumbered, overpowered, overwhelmed, or even beyond hope. As she honestly admits, she's experienced all these emotions. But in the midst of the rough patches in her life, she experienced the depth of God's mercy. In Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There, Graham shows the tremendous assurance of discovering that God can truly be trusted as our ultimate caretaker. He does have a plan for all His children, and He provides us with the tools we need to flourish when our world turns upside down.Ruth Graham's strength as a speaker and writer is found in her vulnerable transparency. Writing not from an ivory tower of theological discourse, but from the battlefields of her own personal struggles, Ruth sheds light on her own life experiences, growing up as a Graham, faltering in difficult challenges, yet always landing in the open arms of a welcoming heavenly father. Drawing on the troubled lives of relatable Bible figures, Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There awakens readers to have the courage to face uncertainties with true confidence in God. This is an essential volume for everyone.

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