Prince2 for Beginners : Prince2 self study for Certification & Project Management

Prince2 for Beginners : Prince2 self study for Certification & Project Management


LEARN:: Project Management via PRINCE2 for Beginners for Self Study and Foundation Exam PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a widely used method for managing projects, particularly in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries. I wrote this book to develop the reader's working knowledge of all aspects of PRINCE2, with the goal of providing a truly useful self-study manual for the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification. The book is based on the most recent revisions to the method made in 2009, so it's as current as any other resource on the market today. I have written this guide as an efficient self-study manual that presents what you need to grasp the fundamentals of PRINCE2 and understand it as a logical system. It is specifically aimed at readers who are studying for the Foundation qualification and want to get the most out of their study time. Although anything in this book can appear on the examination, certain parts of the method show up repeatedly, so at the end of the chapter you will find a list of the concepts you should review more intensively, along with study tips and tricks. In the second part of the book you will find 75 sample test questions, followed by a separate section giving the answers and which element of the method each question is taken from. This way, you can focus on a particular area of PRINCE2 where you need to do more work. INSIDE:: PRINCE2 for Beginners Book Inside this book you'll discover: The 7 PRINCIPLES - Business Case Organization Quality Plans Risk Change Progress The 7 PROCESSES - Starting Up a Project Directing a Project Initiating a Project Managing a Stage Boundary Controlling a Stage Managing Product Delivery Closing a Project Tailoring to the Environment THE PRINCE2 FOUNDATION EXAMINATION - Foundation Examination Questions Answers and Chapter References

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