The Next Move

The Next Move


It is callous to compare international war to a game, yet the analogy provides a certain accessibility. This book details a gamble, our involvement in a high-stakes drama of war and peace, life and death. Consciously or not we are at the table, and may have a role to play; What if there were ancient manuscripts that could provide insight into what was coming next, specific strategies that could be employed? If you knew what was coming, what would you do about it? *In this book the author describes 6 war-related Biblical prophecies still to be fulfilled, texts composed thousands of years ago that bear eerie similarities to present day events and rhetoric. They are classified into 4 timely categories to facilitate the understanding of the conflicts and to place them in the timeline of the future events. One thing is for sure: the apocalyptical conflicts are coming to this world, and according to the biblical prophecies and the events and signs happening around the world, they may be coming soon. Izes Calheiros holds a M.A. from the renowned Wheaton College Graduate School, Illinois. She is the author of the award-winner book "Dressed for Ministry" (Xulon Press). Her passion for the understanding of Biblical prophecies was the drive behind her last book "The Apocalypse Decoded" and her new book "The Next Move". Izes resides in Houston, Texas, where she pastors SERVANT OF NATIONS, a multiethnic cell-based church. She also travels extensively as an international conference speaker.

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