And David Perceived He Was King

And David Perceived He Was King


God took David from the fields where he followed the sheep to become the ruler of Israel. He was overlooked by his father, yet chosen by God. He carried the dream to be king from the day Samuel anointed him, but he did not feel worthy to marry the king's daughter after defeating Goliath. David experienced many amazing moments in his life, yet he also endured many traumas. He was the hero of Israel and then became the hunted villain. He went from leading the armies of Israel to being pursued by the same. When David was anointed king in Judah, civil war erupted. Each step that God was establishing David's identity, the enemy was trying to steal it. Defeating Goliath required faith, but taking the throne required identity. It takes a Goliath to reveal a David, and his journey to produce a king. Faith believes what God can do. Identity believes what God can do through you. Let David's journey touch yours.

"Dale has done a masterful job presenting life-transforming truths. His revelation concerning identity as the key to progressively advancing is enlightening and enabling. This book added new insights and encouragement to my life." -Dr. Bill Hamon

"This book is a treasure. It is a deeper study of David's life. The insights the Holy Spirit has shared with us through Dale are extraordinary. The truth it contains will change you-guaranteed!" -Dutch Sheets

"This is a captivating and compelling book about King David's journey to the throne. This is a book that you cannot put down because it speaks to you so personally. I loved the book!" -Bishop Anne Gimenez

"Dale is a favorite teacher by our students and staff at GSSM. This book is an excellent resource. I highly recommend Dale and this book." -Dr. Randy Clark

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