Stories of Therapy, Stories of Faith

Stories of Therapy, Stories of Faith


Stories of Therapy, Stories of Faith is a collection of stories from therapists who have amplified the theology already present in their work. In particular, these authors, a group of counseling practitioners and educators, bring forward a dialogue between their practices and a social Trinitarian theology that emphasizes the relational nature of God and humans. The resulting stories of practice give voice to the ethical hope that counseling practice is participation in the redemptive story of the Gospel. The authors write about their motivations for practice in initiatives as diverse as parenting, trauma work, opposing bullying in schools, reengaging orphaned African children with their heritage, providing hospitality for difference, and counselor education. Stories of Therapy, Stories of Faith will be of interest to counselors and counselor educators, particularly those drawn to developing their ethical and theological commitments within their therapeutic practices. ""This is a fascinating, well-written, and imaginative book; remarkable because its various authors have such distinct and interesting stories to tell. It is richly informed by Trinitarian theology, but also by the diverse philosophical, psychological, and literary conversation partners of its authors, from Volf, Pohl, Bakhtin, and Foucault to Coleridge and Dr. Seuss. The authors are compassionate practitioners, open to and informed by their clients' stories and life-worlds, as well as reflecting deeply on the meaning of personhood. --Nicola Hoggard Creegan, St John's College, Auckland; author of Animal Suffering and the Problem of Evil ""Stories of Therapy, Stories of Faith is essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in integrative counseling practice. The Laidlaw group weaves together various practice, ethical, and theological threads to produce a beautiful therapeutic tapestry. Without exception, the thinking is sophisticated and profound, and at the same time, accessible and grounded."" --Neil Pembroke, University of Queensland; author of Foundations of Pastoral Counselling: Integrating Philosophy, Theology, and Psychotherapy ""From the first chapter exploring the implications for counseling practice of a social Trinitarian understanding of God, through to the final chapters focusing on justice, care, and personal formation, these authors have written honestly, thoughtfully, and vulnerably about their own questions and experimentation, with a deeply held theological understanding alongside professional expression in the counseling relationship and the classroom."" --Irene Alexander, Counseling educator, spiritual direction formator, Christian Heritage College, Brisbane ""Inspiration for counselors wanting to develop the theological basis of their work and a resource for those who educate them. A cohesive collection of perspectives full of thoughtful and inspirational links between the practices of counseling and the relationality of the Trinity."" --Richard Cook, editor/author of Interweavings: Conversations between Narrative Therapy and Christian Faith Dr. Lex McMillan is a private counseling practitioner and a lecturer in the School of Social Practice at Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand. Sarah Penwarden is a counselor and supervisor, and a lecturer and practicum co-ordinator in the School of Social Practice at Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand. Siobhan Hunt is a research assistant in the School of Social Practice at Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand.

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