Cold Snap : An Action Packed Novel of Suspense

Cold Snap : An Action Packed Novel of Suspense


"Cameron's books are riveting page-turners." --Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author

The bestselling author of the latest Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan novels delivers an adrenaline-filled new thriller featuring Deputy US Marshal Arliss Cutter! Stranded with three violent prisoners in the deadly Alaskan wilderness, Cutter will become the hunter and the hunted...

An Instant USA Today Bestseller

After an early spring thaw on the Alaskan coast, Anchorage police discover a gruesome new piece of evidence in their search for a serial killer: a dismembered human foot.

In Kincaid Park, a man is arrested for attacking a female jogger. Investigators believe they have finally have their suspect. But one deputy is sure they have the wrong man.

In the remote northern town of Deadhorse, Alaska, Supervisory Deputy US Marshal Arliss Cutter escorts four very dangerous handcuffed prisoners onto a small bush plane en route to Fairbanks. Cutter's expecting a routine mission and a nonstop flight--or so he thinks. When the plane goes down in the wilderness, all hell breaks loose. The prisoners murder the pilot and a guard and torch the plane. But their nightmare's just beginning. Back in Anchorage, deputy Lola Teariki has traced the dismembered foot to a missing girl--and the serial psychopath who slaughtered her.

It's one of the prisoners on Cutter's flight...

Now it's a deadly game of survival. With no means of communication, few supplies, and ravenous grizzly bears and wolves lurking in the shadows, Cutter has to battle the unforgiving elements while the killer wants his head on a stick. Here in Alaska, nature can be cruel--but this time, human nature is crueler...

"Well-developed characters complement the nonstop action. Cameron viscerally conveys Alaska's austere beauty as well as its unexpected dangers." - Publishers Weekly

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