'Til Death

'Til Death


After finally tying the knot in their bewitching hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, psychic sleuth Lee Barrett and her police detective fiancée are ready to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in Maine...despite the presence of an uninvited ghost (or two)!

The staff at Salem, Massachusetts's local station, WICH-TV, is looking forward to the wedding of their program director, Lee Barrett. But when Lee heads off on her Maine honeymoon, she'll be haunted by the ghosts of her own past...

Lee and Detective Sergeant Pete Mondello are finally tying the knot--and Lee is tying up loose ends before the big day. It'll be an adjustment moving out of Aunt Ibby's house, but the couple will stay nearby--after all, they have to share custody of O'Ryan, their clairvoyant cat. And Aunt Ibby will be renting out Lee's old apartment...though she's getting some bad vibes from her current prospective tenant.

After the celebration, complete with a cake made by the station magician, there should be time to relax--but the Maine island happens to be near the site of the crash that long ago killed Lee's parents, a mystery she's never been able to solve. Soon she'll be putting wedding gifts aside and turning to her psychic gifts instead, to wrap up crimes both past and present...

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