Designed to Last

Designed to Last



"Ashley and Dino bring light and hope for relationships in this beautiful book. Explore Designed to Last with open eyes and an open heart, and discover how to find joy in the in-between." --Liz Marie Galvan, bestselling author of Cozy White Cottage and LizMarieBlog

Design a life intentionally. Grow faithfully. Create something beautiful that will last!
Over half a million readers have joined the journey of Instagram sensations Ashley and Dino Petrone. Through their popular online community Arrows and Bow, Ashley and Dino share their adventures, mishaps, and joys of building a life together using an unexpected element: design. Now, in their much-anticipated debut book, Ashley and Dino invite readers into their home and relationship through their trademark honest and hilarious storytelling. They share both never-before-revealed and fan-favorite stories, includinggetting engaged after only three weeks!why they chose to wait until their wedding nightmoving into an RV with three kids (and they're still speaking to each other!)the unexpected, painful circumstances that led them to find deeper hopeturning Ashley's creative hobby into a thriving business . . . and so. much. more!Ashley and Dino are the first to say they don't have all the answers, but they welcome you to join them as they share the struggles and successes that come from intentionally staying committed to God and each other. Because when you build with faith, creativity, and love as the foundation . . . you build something designed to last. Includes exclusive photos and bonus DIY decorating tips!

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