Something's Not Right

Something's Not Right


"A beacon of truth and wisdom for the abused and a help in their healing." --Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer, authors of A Church Called Tov

"Reading this book . . . will change you forever, for the better." --Rachael Denhollander, speaker, victim advocate, and author of What Is a Girl Worth?

"Sincerely thoughtful, incredibly practical, and truly compassionate book on abusive systems and the consequences of cover-ups." --Christina Edmondson, PhD, cohost of Truth's Table podcast

"Am I the only one who sees this--am I just imagining things? Is something wrong with me . . . or could this be abuse?"

Maybe you don't know for sure: all you know is something feels off when you think about a certain relationship or interaction with an institution or organization. You feel alone and confused--but calling it "abuse" feels extreme and unsettling, a label for what happens to other people but not you. Yet you can't shake the feeling: something's not right.

In his debut book, researcher and advocate Wade Mullen introduces us to the groundbreaking world of impression management--the strategies that individuals and organizations utilize to gain power and cover up their wrongdoings. Mullen reveals a pattern that accompanies many types of abuse, almost as if abusers are somehow reading from the same playbook. If we can learn to decode these evil methods--if we can learn the language of abuse--we can help stop the cycle and make abusers less effective at accomplishing destruction in our lives.

Something's Not Right will help you to identify and describe tactics that were previously unidentifiable and indescribable, and give you the language you need to move toward freedom and create a safer future for yourself and others.

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