India For Kids : Amazing Facts About India

India For Kids : Amazing Facts About India


India is a huge country with a huge population. India has an ancient civilisation and has numerous languages. The flag of India is called the Tricolour. There are so many things to learn about India. Here's a book that covers fascinating and amazing facts about India designed especially for children. Adults too can make good use of this book and learn interesting facts about India. This book will also be useful to foreign children who want to learn about India. Non-resident Indian parents can use it as an India guidebook to teach their children about India. Travellers to India will also find this book useful.
Here are the topics covered in the book:
What is India?
Where is India?
How did India get its name?
Why India is also called Bharat?
What is the capital of India?
How big is India?
What is the flag of India?
Tell me about the geography of India?
Which is the highest mountain in India?
Which is the biggest river in India?
What type of money is used in India?Who are India's neighbours?
Why are Pakistan and Bangladesh separate from India now?
What language do Indians speak?
What is Sanskrit?
What is the population of India?
What are the seasons of India?
Is it really hot in India?
How old is Indian civilization?
Why was India under British Rule?
When did India get independence?
Who was Mahatma Gandhi?
What do Indians like to eat?
Why is Indian food spicy?
What is an "onion bhaji"?
What is a chapatti?
What is the national animal of India? Where is it found?
Please tell me more about Indian wildlife?
What games do Indian kids play?
What is cricket? Why do Indians like cricket so much?
Do Indians play football?
What is the religion of India?
How many other religions are there in India?
What are the festivals of India?
What is the story of Ramayana?
What is the story of Mahabharata?
What is the Taj Mahal?
Is the cow worshipped in India?
Why are there cows on the streets of India?
How do Indians travel?
What do Indians wear?
What is the national flower of India?
What is the national bird of India?
What is the national tree of India?
What is Bollywood?
What are the great Indian epics?
Did Indians in the past write books?
How big was India in the past?
Which are the Seven Wonders of India?
Which is the Pink City of India and why?
What is the national anthem of India?
What is the national symbol of India?
What kind of songs and music are there in India?
What kinds of dances are there in India?
What kind of musical instruments are there in India?
Why do Indians wear bright and colorful clothes?

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