From Gospels to Glory : Exploring the New Testament

From Gospels to Glory : Exploring the New Testament


Maps are essential to an explorer. Whether it is a short jaunt to a vacation spot or an in-depth search for higher meaning, maps can help you find and stay on the right path.

In From Gospels to Glory: Exploring the New Testament, author Kenneth G. Hanna provides a guide for discovering the enduring message and unique features of each book of the New Testament. The course of human history was set in a new direction by the arrival of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The Gospels of the New Testament record that event and Jesus' ministry, climaxing in the cross and His resurrection. This new study guides you through the pivotal events of the life of Christ, the birth and spread of Christianity, and the life-shaping truth that formed the legacy Jesus committed to the first disciples. For pastors and teachers, it offers helpful ideas and outlines for proclaiming the message of the New Testament to a contemporary audience. For students of the New Testament, it provides a wealth of resources for further study. Thematic charts present a map of each book, including key verses, themes, structures, and unique features.

Each book of the New Testament was written for a select audience and a specific purpose. From Gospels to Glory: Exploring the New Testament supplies essential background information that illuminates the message of each book to help you proceed on your journey of discovery.

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