From Moses to Malachi : Exploring the Old Testament

From Moses to Malachi : Exploring the Old Testament


From Moses to Malachi: Exploring the Old Testament unlocks the Old Testament books and makes clear their central message and enduring value. It helps you to understand the importance of the Old Testament to the authors of the New Testament. The Old Testament was the Scripture used by Jesus and the apostles, and it is foundational to our understanding of who Jesus is, why He came, and what He accomplished during His time here. Through knowledge of the Old Testament, we gain an understanding of God's purpose in creation, His plan of redemption, and His goal for human history.

Knowing the Old Testament increases our understanding of and heightens our appreciation for the New Testament. It also gives us insight into how to apply our faith and live wisely in the contemporary world. From Moses to Malachi introduces each of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament, using thematic charts to clarify the message of each book at a glance. The key thought and structure of the books and other essential information are presented in graphic form. A synopsis of the content of each book explores its purpose and message.

From Moses to Malachi provides pastors and teachers with ideas and outlines for preaching and teaching the Old Testament to a contemporary audience. In addition, it offers numerous references to resource materials and a helpful bibliography for further research.

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