Lean & Agile Project Management : Includes Exercises and Real Stories

Lean & Agile Project Management : Includes Exercises and Real Stories


The lean and agile philosophies are terms that define modern technics to make our projects fast and efficient, without adding costs or reducing quality. The five principles of the lean thinking have its origin during the 90s decade in a Japanese automotive industry. This approach helps to improve the efficiency in mass production projects by focusing in adding value to the client and removing waste from the project value flow. Ten years later the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and its twelve agile principles got popular. These ideas propose not to be too strict with plans and processes. Context can change permanently and we need to be flexible with the client in order to quickly adapt to those changes, if we want to submit the deliverables we have been asked for. From these two currents of thoughts, one that focuses on mass production and another that focuses on software projects, in this book we will develop ideas 100% practical to improve efficiency and timeliness of any type of project management. Also, some of the concepts in this book will allow us to become more agile leaders in our daily activities. The author, Pablo Lledó, has written eight books on Project Management. Some of them have been published by mayor Publishing companies. The author states that the benefits of reading this book are: - Understand the lean-agile philosophy in a very simple way. - Learn lessons from more than 20 real cases. - Gain knowledge through more than 10 practical exercises. - Save time and money when compared with other books. - Be a better Project Manager.

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