Elements of Pantheism : A Spirituality of Nature and the Universe

Elements of Pantheism : A Spirituality of Nature and the Universe


At the heart of modern scientific pantheism is reverence for Nature and the Universe. It offers a challenging alternative, beyond theism and atheism, with a joyful approach to our lives and a caring concern for all life on this earth. Pantheism is a 2,500 year-old belief system expressed by many famous thinkers and artists including Lao Tzu, Heraclitus, Spinoza, Wordsworth, Whitman, Emerson, Einstein and Carl Sagan.Today pantheism is seeing a revival as the underlying world view of many environmentalists, of leading scientists, of nature-revering pagans, and of non-theists looking for a more embracing perspective. This accessible and authoritative handbook is the only available introduction to the history, theory and practice of pantheism.Reviews from Amazon Probably the best book to recommend to someone who is no longer comfortable living with the intellectual compromises necessary to maintain a traditional "faith." This book is a gem, with useful contextual information and insights on every page. George FaulkneronMust read. Wonderful book for exploring a way to approach religion in a scientific world. Brady Walker This book is the perfect introduction to Pantheism. It's well written and to the point. Tells what Pantheism is and what it isn't, offers a history and gives basic practices. Fantastic! Tag JonesThis book is surely one of the most extraordinary books written in recent years about the subject of religion. Dr Bill BruehlHighly impressed with this book and author. He carefully explained the beliefs of Pantheists without being condescending or judgmental toward other belief systems. This is a book I will keep to refer back to in future. Dragon LadyKindle edition is also available on Amazon, viewable also by iPads etc.

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