The Welding Business Owner's Hand Book : How to Start, Establish and Grow a Welding or Manufacturing Business

The Welding Business Owner's Hand Book : How to Start, Establish and Grow a Welding or Manufacturing Business


Want to know what it takes to be a successful welding business owner or how to get your business to the next level? Then this book is your ultimate guide that is straight to the point about what you need to know and how to do it. It is your personal blueprint on how to start, establish and grow any metals related business. You will learn the following:
How you can take a $1000 or Less Investment and be self employed in about one week from today.How to start a shop or manufacturing plant without buying equipment.How and where to find high profit margin, Town, City, State and Federal contracting opportunities.How and where to find subcontracting opportunities from major corporations.-Where to sell and how to get your products on store shelves and to dealership showrooms in just weeks.Low cost alternatives to hiring employees with no long term commitment.Detailed lists of business ideas and places to buy product manufacturing rights.Alternative business ideas that have little competition and will have customers searching for you.Exact ideas and suggestions on marketing a welding business that includes everything from business cards to websites and even strategies on buying welding businesses for sale.How to take advantage of other welding businesses and have them do the hard work for you.Just about everything else you need to know plus how to get free Government help.

This book will reduce the learning curve on how to start, establish and grow any metal related business. It does not matter if you are opening a portable welding business, working from home, manufacturing products, opening a metal fabrication shop, or you are expanding to Government contracting opportunities. This book will give you what you need to know to succeed!

The Welding Business Owner's Handbook is packed with tons of great information from the owner of www.GoWelding.Org. Quality real life hands-on information from a welder's point of view!

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