Stripped, 2nd Edition : Inside the Lives of Exotic Dancers

Stripped, 2nd Edition : Inside the Lives of Exotic Dancers



kind of woman dances naked for money? Bernadette Barton takes us inside

countless strip bars and clubs, from upscale to back road as well as those that

specialize in lap dancing, table dancing, topless only, and peep shows, to

reveal the startling lives of exotic dancers.

Originally published in 2006, the product of years of first-hand research in strip clubs around the country, Stripped is a classic portrait of what it's like for those who choose to strip as a profession. Barton explores why women begin stripping, the initial excitement and financial rewards of the work, the dangers of the life-namely, drugs and prostitution-and, inevitably, the difficulties in staying in the business over time, especially for their relationships, sexuality and self-esteem.

In this completely revised and updated edition, Barton returns to the strip clubs she originally studied to observe the major changes in the industry that have occurred over the last decade. She examines how "raunch culture" affects exotic dancers' treatment by their clientele, who are now accustomed to seeing nudity and sexualized performance in accessible, R and X -rated media from a variety of outlets, particularly the Internet. Barton explores how new media has transformed exotic dancing, allowing dancers to build an online brand, but also introducing possibilities for customers to take unauthorized nude photos and videos of the entertainers.. And finally, Barton speaks to new dancers as well as dancers she interviewed in the previous edition, examining how the toll of stripping still impacts the lives of exotic dancers in a changing industry. Incorporating new scholarship, new observations, and increased awareness of emerging media technology, Barton brings a fresh and important perspective on the challenges that women face working in the still-thriving world of exotic dancing.

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