Road Tales : A Rambling of Motorcycle Stories

Road Tales : A Rambling of Motorcycle Stories


If you're looking for a book to help you rebuild the brakes on a 1978 Honda CB 750 or adjust the carbs on a 1986 Yamaha Midnight Special, then this isn't the book for you. But if you are looking for a book that is an easy read or one that might be a good "rainy night in a motel" book, you've found it.

Come along and join us as we wander some back roads, meet some unusual people, dine on some fine home cooking, and discover that adventure can be found almost anywhere. As you travel along on this journey, be prepared to shed a tear or two, smile more than once, recall some of your own "misadventures", and generally have a good time.

"Road Tales" is about the essence of "being there", not the mechanics or skills of motorcycling. It's about listening to the rain on your helmet as you're trying to get home. It's about the song in your heart as you ride that perfect road. It's about the thrills and chills of being on a motorcycle and wondering what is waiting for you up ahead on the road. And it's about the smile on your face as you read it.

A former columnist for "Motorcycle Tour and Cruiser" and "Road Bike" magazines, Steve Reed has logged thousands upon thousands of miles on various motorcycles. He seems to have a knack to find the unusual in the usual, the extraordinary in the commonplace, and the magic in the moment.

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